Our therapeutic approach

Having a healthy set of teeth ensures that you go through life more happily.

Having a healthy set of teeth…

ensures that you go through life more happily. A beautiful smile also helps to make friends, open doors or solve problems more easily. Good teeth, straight and well cared for, are more important than people realise. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t provide every one of us with an ideal set of teeth.

Thanks to a variety of modern, non-invasive and nearly invisible treatment methods, we are now able to solve the vast majority of orthodontic problems quickly, easily and painlessly.

No more waiting thanks to our digitalised clinic

The digitalised communication options of our clinic facilitate real-time data exchange within the practice and with other orthodontists, dentists or colleagues from interdisciplinary fields of medicine.
Waiting times are thereby reduced to an absolute minimum.

Modern and low-radiation 3-D diagnostics and planning

Direct diagnostic measures

Our patients do not need to go to a radiologist before they come to see us for treatment. Same-day diagnosis is therefore a matter of course.

Optimal diagnosis

The advantages for the patient include, among other things, a reduction in radiation of up to 75 percent and a detailed depiction of the anatomical structure. This new technology provides us with a highly detailed view of your jaw and dentition, thereby making it much easier to determine the options and limitations of orthodontic treatment. The result? A much more certain diagnosis and more security for both the patient and the orthodontist.

Low-radiation diagnostics

Natural radiation exposure per year amounts to approx. 2,000 microSievert, i.e., five to six microSievert per day. In comparison, a flight from Frankfurt to Chicago and back causes radiation of approx. 120 microSievert. That corresponds to 25 digital x-rays of all teeth. Conventional overview images of this type create 20 microSievert.

We are happy to discuss with you the modern options available to you and your child.

Prophylaxis - Intensive cleaning of teeth by professionals

Professional teeth cleaning is worthwhile for all patients: We recommend you to go to a dental prophylaxis at least twice a year! It mainly removes dental plaque (plaque & tartar) that contains bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Even if you use a correct cleaning technique - plaque unfortunately also forms in the interdental space and under the gums. Our specially trained prophylaxis specialists use various instruments (such as Ultrasound and Airflow) and several treatment steps to remove the plaque, polish the teeth and then provide them with a protective film.

Anyone who makes provisions by means of professional teeth cleaning has proven to have better oral health and optimizes their oral hygiene. Regular prophylaxis increases the vitality of the gums and ensures well-groomed, good-looking teeth - even into old age. A professional cleaning session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes due to innovative effective airflow treatment and costs 120 euros. Finally, a tooth-mousse is used to seal the tooth surface against acid attacks from the food. The statutory health insurance do not pay the prophylaxis, but there are good dental supplementary insurance, which take over the costs. Talk to us, we are happy to advise you!

Snoring splint / treatment of mild sleep apnea

The snoring splint is an individually adapted tooth splint that keeps the upper airways clear during sleep. Treatment with snoring splints has been proven by scientific studies.

The snoring splint pushes the lower jaw forward, enlarging the throat and leaving the airways free. Apnea and snoring sounds are significantly reduced. This is how you get your restful sleep.

More details about the snoring splint …

treatment of mild sleep apnea

Bleaching/Tooth brightening

Bleaching is a popular method of brightening teeth for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. We perform Fläsh Professional Tooth Whitening, a professional bleaching method at our practice – now using the new Fläsh whitening lamp.