Reduce your orthodontic treatment by half the time.

OrthoPulse™ - thanks to light for a better smile.

OrthoPulse ™ uses low intensity infrared light to transfer energy to the bone and tissue around the tooth roots. This energy stimulates the structure of the surrounding bone and increases tooth movement.

Fast & comfortable treatment

No matter where you are, on the move or at home, watching TV or reading - with a short and comfortable self-treatment of just 10 minutes a day you accelerate your orthodontic tooth movement. Your daily routine will not be restricted.

Safe & clinically tested

The device's technology is safe, has been documented in over 3,000 published articles, is clinically proven and has been used in medicine for more than 60 years.

The OrthoPulse™ App

With the OrthoPulse™ app, you can easily track the progress of your treatment on your smartphone. Wireless synchronization of data from the device reminds you to comply with daily appointments.

Please contact us if you have any questions about OrthoPulse™!