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Symmetry leads to harmony and wellbeing. The objective of holistic orthodontics is to promote the healthy development and maturity of the jaw and teeth. The patient should be able to chew, breathe and speak without hindrance. Healthy teeth are known to improve a person’s posture as well his or her physical wellbeing.

Surveys have also shown that holistically oriented orthodontics may cure a variety of symptoms, including respiratory diseases, poor posture, headaches and concentration lapses.


Brackets are specified as elements which are glued onto teeth. Together with a high-elastic treatment-arc they are applied when fixed plates are needed. In order to fasten the arc onto the brackets, gummy rings ans threads are being used. Self-ligating brackets, though, habe a special fastener for the treatment-arc. Brackets are suitable for persons at any age. Basically, a comparison between the two systems should be done in order to come to know the individual advantages or disadvantages.

Self-ligating Brackets
Self-ligating systems allow an orthodontic treatment on a high level. They combine the highest demands on esthetics featuring advantages such as precision, soothing treatment, wearing-comfort and optimal controlling. We work with metal and ceramic brackets.

Metal brackets are the prevailing self-ligating bracket-system on the market - the first choice for patients who appreciate a higher wearing-comfort and easy-handling as well as reduced times of treatment. Flexibility, less controlling hours and improved hygiene are the great plus.

Ceramic brackets are a very good alternative considering the material for they join themselves into the tooth-row perfectly thanks to their colour-range and are hardly visible. The great advantage is the esthetic appearance. Together with you and your children we will be choosing the best variety of plate and we will inform you about the treatment duration and the costs.

Lingual brackets

The special feature of this so-called lingual therapy is that the brackets are not glued as usual clearly visible from the front of the teeth, but invisible to the inside (lingual - to the tongue). Lingual brackets meet two major requirements simultaneously: the demand for proper orthodontic therapy and the requirement for minimal impairment of appearance during treatment.

Please address to us, we like to give all necessary information to you!


Some dental deformities/misalignments are caused by a muscular imbalance of the cheek, lips and tongue. We are also experienced with problems of this nature and are able to refer you to appropriate speech therapists, if necessary.

Invisible plate

Praxis Litsch - Unsichtbare Spange

The treatment with the almost invisible plate is especially for teenagers a very popular handling and treatment in orthodontics. Made very thin and perfectly fitting, these transparent runners/ tracks can be removed and this is why they are so popular. Apart from the wearing-comfort, this treatment fulfills the highest esthtic demands. The fexible transparent runners/ tracks are made from a medicinal PET (without plasticizer) and are all made to size, they are nearly invisible and are hardly noticeable in daily life. After a short time of getting used to them, they do not hinder neather while speaking nor while laughing. The most important thing is that the track/ runner is worn all day long except while eating or cleansing.

The invisible tracks/ runners are mainly suitable for corrections and adjustments of the frontal teeth and are not always suitable for all kinds of malpositions of the teeth. In addition to that, there are several possibilities in order to make the result permanent. The invisible tracks/ runners have to be paid by private insurances. Please address to us, we like to give information about the treatment durations and costs.

Lingual retainer

In order to stabilize treatment results, we work with lingual retainers. The retainer is a thin thread that is fixed by a plastic substance on the backside of the frontal teeth in the upper and lower jaw. The retainer takes care that the teeth do not move back into their original position.

Permanent beautiful teeth and a self-confident, bright smile can not always be taken for granted even after orthodontic treatment, unfortunately. The long-time stabilisation is the best means to a permanent beautiful set of seeth. Sometimes it can be necessary to wear the retainer for a long time, maybe even all life long in order to avoid malpositions of the set of teeth. The retainer is hardly noticeable and comfortable and because it is fixed onto the teeth, one does not forget to wear it. It is reasonable to let the retainer be conrolled twice a year by an orthodontist.

Snoring splint / treatment of mild sleep apnea

treatment of mild sleep apnea

The splint is an individually adapted tooth splint that keeps the upper airways clear during sleep. Treatment with splints has been proven by scientific studies.

The splint pushes the lower jaw forward, enlarging the throat and leaving the airways free. Apnea and snoring sounds are significantly reduced. This is how you get your restful sleep.

More details about the dental splints…

Performance spectrum

  • Invisible tooth correction and repair
  • Gentle Bionator-based tooth regulation
  • Bleaching
  • Digitalised clinic
  • Accusmile aligner
  • Invisalign
  • Digitalised x-ray with less emisson technology
  • Invisible track/ runner therapy
  • Protection against caries thank to bracket-surrounding-sealing
  • Soothing teeth cleansing method with fixed plate by Prophy-Mate/ Airflow
  • All inclusive caretaking for long-time-stabilisation of the treatment results
  • Dental prophylaxis