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Specialist practice Orthodontics Frankfurt - Aligners for teens and adults
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Initial consultation for aligners in our specialist practice for orthodontics in Frankfurt
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Aligners for teens and adults - orthodontics Litsch
Initial Orthodontic Consultation Aligners for Teens and Adults
Stefanie Litsch Specialist for orthodontics

We are available for you by telephone Monday to Thursday from 7:30 to 18 o'clock. For Initial consultations click here! We look forward to you.

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Practice for orthodontics Frankfurt Westend - Stefanie Litsch

My team and I lead a modern practice for orthodontics in Frankfurt (Westend). Our treatment spectrum is holistic and aimed at both children and adults alike: Each age group has its peculiarities and calls us as a team. In questions concerning precaution, functionality, aesthetics or hygiene, we will advise you on topics such as fixed braces, invisible braces or gentle tooth regulation.

We treat our patients comprehensively to achieve a long-term stabilization of the treatment outcome. You are also in good hands if it comes to questions around bleaching and you can find interesting actions and news from time to time at our practise for orthodontics in Frankfurt. Learn more about our therapeutic approach or modern orthodontics on our homepage and get an overview of our most advanced solutions with modern materials and technologies. Learn more about aligner treatment with invisalign first, invisalign teen and invisalign adult here.

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We are certified for:


The transparent aligners are almost invisible and do not interfere with everyday life

The integrated angelButton construction resists deformation and shortens treatment times.

With the angel aligner, patients can discreetly and effectively correct their misaligned teeth without it affecting their daily life.

Children who come to us at an early stage are in general able to avoid complicated and invasive treatment at a later point in time

Kids aged 6-8

A child’s dental development needs to be checked early and regularly. As a rule, checkups should begin between the age of four and six. Improper development of your teeth and jaw may be corrected if addressed at an early stage.

Kids aged 8-10

As a rule, the second dentition phase of side teeth (molars) among children begins between the age of eight and ten. This is also an excellent time to influence jaw growth and/or formation.

Teens and adults

It is of course also possible to undergo orthodontic treatment after the age of twelve, which is when the second dentition phase has generally come to an end. After all, it’s never too late to make a change for the better.


Consultation hours only possible by prior telephone arrangement (existing patients) or online appointment!

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The “Westend” subway station (Line 6&7) is situated right in front of our practice. Parking is available at the Alte Oper and Palmengarten parking structures. Street parking is available in direct proximity to Bockenheimer Landstraße 64. We look forward to your visit!


Bockenheimer Landstr. 64
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